Effects of Stress on Health


According to the Mayo Clinic the effects of stress on health include alterations in mood and behavior, but it can have serious effects on our over all health too.  

In fact stress can have major impact on your ability to sleep properly, cause stomach upset, fatigue, effect your sexual health and libido as well as headaches, chest pain and more.

Stress is what triggers the fight/flight response and it has played a very important role in the survival of humans.  In prehistoric times if humans encountered a danger such as a lion or other predator, our swift reaction to that stress meant the difference between life and death.  

So you can see how stress plays a vital role in our lives, even today if we see a child in the street and a car coming we spring into action.  But this stress response is meant to be quick and then subside once the stress or threat is gone.  

In today’s modern fast paced world we humans encounter stress in a much different manner.  Social pressures, work stress, family obligations, financial strain…these causes of stress do not just disappear in a few hours or days.  

Our ability to deal with stress is meant to be short term, not stress that plays an active role in our lives day in and day out.  And that is why stress induced or stress related illnesses are on the rise.  

The effects of stress on health can touch every system in the body.  Our digestive system becomes hyperactive, our nervous system is constantly on high alert, acid levels rise in the body.

Prolonged stress can lead to sleep problems and sleep problems can lead to many serious health conditions and even effect the heart.  That is why it is so important to know how stress has effected your body and learn ways to help support your body and take the steps to help your body recover from being over stressed.  

The Matrix Assessment Profile can give you answers and insight into the chronic symptoms that you may have been experiencing.